Ceramic tile in the kitchen

I was looking for a nice, quiet place,” recalls new Rose Lake Estates homeowner, Melinda Eads.

Having lived in a manufactured home community before, Melinda knew that her search for a new place to live was not just about the home itself. Melinda knew she was looking for a certain type of community.

She wanted a peaceful neighborhood, not a noisy one, especially after dark.  She wanted nice neighbors.  So she made a point to drive through Rose Lake Estates on a Friday night, just after 7 pm.

What she found was peace and quiet.  She heard birds chirping and ducks quacking around the pond.  No shouting neighbors, no raucous teens, no loud music, no sounds of traffic.

Melinda came back and worked with the Rose Lakes Estates staff to find just the right home for her needs. She found it with no pressure to buy. Now Melinda is moved in, safely and happily, loving her peaceful neighborhood, her roomy home, and will be meeting many of her neighbors now that Spring has come.

“Everyone (at Rose Lake Estates) was so nice to work with!” she beamed. Sometimes you CAN get just what you want.

We love “happy ending” stories like this! Rose Lake Estates is a great choice for those who, like Melinda, are searching for a safe, secure, and most of all, peaceful community. As an Indiana-based, family-run home property for 30 years, Rose Lake Estates is a great place to call home.