00h0h_f05gHORQaOT_300x300[1]The answer was pretty clear right from the start,” agree Claudia and Robert Hayes.

Empty-nesters Claudia and Robert knew what they were looking for. They wanted to simplify, but didn’t want to live in a cramped home. They wanted to enjoy their surroundings, too.

“I had a friend that already lived here,” continues Claudia, “so I was familiar with the property and knew how close it was to Indy and Noblesville. We wanted a 3 bedroom/2bath home that would hold most of our present furniture without too much downsizing. Our Rose Lake home accommodated our stuff very nicely.”

Another advantage for them was the lake. “I just love our deck and porch!” We have a nice view of the lake. We especially enjoy having that so near our home.”

Safety was another key concern when choosing their home. Both Claudia and Robert wanted to live in a safe and peaceful neighborhood. “We both feel secure here,” noted Robert.

Rose Lake Estates is a great choice for those who, like Claudia and Robert, know what they want. They looked for roominess, friends nearby, and a safe, secure, well-maintained community. They found all of those things with Rose Lake Estates.

Sometimes you can get exactly what you want. Rose Lake Estates has been a part of central Indiana for more than 30 years. As an Indiana-based, family-run home property, Rose Lake Estates is a great place to call home.