“When you have lived in a mobile home neighborhood that is run down and has crime – that isn’t quiet or safe – you don’t feel secure.”

So says Deb (name changed at resident’s request), a resident at Rose Lake Estate Homes for the past several years. A single mother of two, she was worried about her children’s safety in her old neighborhood, especially during colder months when it got dark earlier.

My old neighborhood just wasn’t a good fit for us as a family,” she said. “What I like about Rose Lake Estates is the schools are good, and the neighborhood is established, quiet, and safe. I know my neighbors, and we look out for one another. The difference for me and my family living here has been huge. We feel valued and we feel safe.”

Deb is right. Rose Lake Estates is an established and secure neighborhood. A part of Pendleton for more than 30 years, we are known for having safe, secure streets, and neighbors that keep our neighborhood crime-free.

Here’s how we work to keep our neighborhood safe:

  • Our homeowners are proud to support Crime Watch, the eyes and ears of our neighborhood. According to police even our Crime Watch signs act as a crime deterrent.
  • We have security cameras at the main entrance and other key points in of our neighborhood for added protection.
  • Our courtesy security officer is an 8-year resident, cruising our neighborhood regularly, and checking in on our senior residents.
  • We look well-cared for. Our street signs, lighting and roads are in good condition. We keep our landscaping in good condition too.
  • Management here cares. Family and locally owned and operated since day one, we make needed community and exterior repairs and keep our community looking and feeling cared for.

If like Deb, you are looking for a quiet, quality, and safe place to call home, consider a move to Rose Lakes Estates.