Duck families are thriving at Rose Lake Estates! It wasn’t that long ago that we raised a flock of baby ducks here at Rose Lake. They adapted to our doting residents and our large, clean, spacious lake very well. Each year since, our little flock has grown.

You may have heard the squawking in March and April as male ducks fought for mates, pairs partnered, and nests were feathered. This month, the sounds of baby ducklings can be heard as they nibble at seeds under the watchful eyes of their parents. We also host mallard ducks from time to time, as well as the occasional blue heron.

We are hosts to Canadian geese sometimes, as well. Be sure to give these feathered friends a wide berth as you drive – it can take young ducklings a little extra time to get across the street. Give them a wide berth as you walk nearby, too. Parents are extremely protective of their young.

But feel free to feed them. They love bird seed of most any type, dry or cracked corn, stale bread, or even cereal.

In addition to our stocked fish pond, another aquatic resident of Rose Lake Estates you may see are turtles. Our pond hosts both snapping turtles and box turtles. Both are nesting this time of year. So be on the lookout for turtles who seem to have trouble getting their footing, surrounded by mud. They may well be females, laying eggs. Most turtle nests look like mud pies from above, but hide five to ten eggs from four to six inches below ground. They will emerge 70–to-90 days after laying – that is, if they are not eaten first by raccoons, possoms or herons.

Rose Lake Estates is a good, safe, affordable, and friendly place to call home, whether you have feathers or a shell, or live in one of our homes.