This winter has been pretty unpredictable, ranging from higher than normal temperatures to ice, slush and sudden snow showers. The temperature fluctuations as well as ice and snow can be brutal to the small dogs and cats living with us at RoseLake Estates.

Here are some tips to keep pets safe this season:

  • Pets need extra food to stay warm during the winter, and should be fed twice as much when the weather is very cold. A high-calorie canned food helps provide extra energy.
  • Dogs and cats cannot get enough water from snow or ice, and must have liquid water to drink. While outdoors, do not let your dog eat slush or drink from puddles near heavily salted roads and sidewalks.
  • Small short haired dogs are susceptible to frostbite. Keep walks short and watch for signs of hypothermia such as shivering, and moving slowly.
  • Keep on eye on smaller animals when they are outside, especially at dawn and dusk. Coyotes have a harder time finding food in the snow and often come closer to homes in search of easier prey.
  • Although pet-friendly de-icers are available, most salt and de-icers can be toxic to dogs and cats. It’s a good idea to keep your dog away from roads and sidewalks that have been treated. Immediately after a walk, wash your dog’s paws with warm water to help prevent them from ingesting any chemicals that linger on their paws.
  • Roselake Estates does not allow dogs to be chained up outside. Not only is it against Indiana law to leave a dog chained for prolonged periods of time, but it can be life-threatening when temperatures are below normal. If you see a dog outside for extended periods of time, take action. Be a kind soul and call FIDO Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside, a non-profit animal welfare organization 317-221-1314. They can help with food, shelter and information. More cold weather care tips for dogs can be found on the FIDO website at: http://www.fidoindy.org/news/coldweathercaretipsfordogs

At RoseLake Estates, we care about ALL our residents, from the two-footed to the four-footed!

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