Winterizing tips for your manufactured home at Rose Lake Estates

Is your manufactured home ready winter weather? All it takes is a little planning and effort to winterize — it’s easy enough to do it yourself — no matter what your age or skill with tools!

Here’s what insurance professionals recommend our homeowners do before the first of the year:

  • Seal up any gaps! An inexpensive simple tube of silicone or polyurethane caulk may be your best choice. It’s is a good bet for sealing around door and window frames, gutter and downspout seams, plumbing and furnace vent pipes, flashing between roof and siding, along siding joints, and even around the dryer vent and cable wire entrances.
  • Check your home’s skirting. It should be secure, but not so tight that it stops ventilation or vertical movement. Be sure to shovel snow and ice away from the skirting to avoid denting and cutting off the air supply needed for your furnace.
  • The supports under your home should be in good condition, too. If they’re not, have them repaired immediately to prevent sagging, which can damage to windows, doors, joints and walls.


  • Frozen pipes can mean big trouble – and are easily averted. Heat tapes (available at any home store) contain a heating element encased in a tape that can be wrapped around water pipes to prevent freezing. If you have a heat tape already installed, make certain it’s still operative. If it is worn or loose, replace it. (Never overlap heat tape – it can cause a fire.)
  • Slightly loosen your home’s tie-downs before the ground freezes solid. Since the ground can “heave” as much as three inches during the winter, this is important to keep your home free to move slightly with the ground, preventing serious structural damage.
  • Perhaps most importantly, play it safe and observe proper maintenance before starting your furnace, space heater, fireplace or wood stove this winter.

With proper maintenance,  just a few supplies – and a little TLC — you’ll be snug and safe in your Rose Lake Estates manufactured home all winter long – and for decades in the future!

P.S. (Despite what you may think, winter is an ideal time to buy at Rose Lake. We have several models ready to move in – at very “warm” prices!)                ~ Rose